Them Bombs - cooperative game for 2‑4 players

The notorious terrorist Dr. TiNT is leaving bombs in public places around the city, selecting random civilians to defuse them – and one of the players just received a text message from him…

Now it’s all about you, your friends, and a ticking bomb.

Them Bombs is a digital co-operative board game for 2‑4 players.

How to play
One of the players takes on the role of the Unlikely Hero, who finds a bomb and tries to defuse it. The other players guide the hero through the process, using a special bomb manual. Only the hero can look at the bomb, and only the support team can read the manual. The players need to communicate in order to defuse the bomb.
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“There is a fun combination of puzzliness and suspense with Them Bombs that makes it hard to put down and walk away from.(...) At first glance you may say to yourself that it looks easy, you have a puzzle and you have a solution, however the communication between Hero and Team is what can make it very difficult.”
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